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To educate and promote the effective use of the SBIR and STTR programs as a significant source of funding for startup and emerging high tech businesses in Colorado.


Colorado has a number of universities, a few federal laboratories and many small businesses doing leading edge fundamental and basic research. This research often times either ends up in publications as public domain technology or as intellectual property that, on occasion, becomes part of a commercial product. The migration of technology to a commercial product is very indirect and somewhat serendipitous because, as public domain basic research, it is too far from commercialization to be effectively used by companies who deal in product commercialization.

SBIR Colorado, with the proper networking, conferences and seminars, will be the major force in promoting the effective and efficient utilization of the SBIR and STTR programs to transition fundamental and basic research from universities, federal laboratories and small businesses to viable commercial products.


SBIR Colorado will develop a comprehensive program to design, develop and implement a process to effectively and efficiently transition the results of early stage research from universities, federal laboratories and small businesses into commercial products.

There is a major funding void between early stage basic research and the point where private sector funding is forth coming to commercialize the resulting technology. The result is most technology not being effectively introduced into the commercial market place.

Currently there is over $2 billion available to, in large part, fill this funding void. SBIR Colorado will utilize a networking approach with major support from legal firms, accounting firms, venture capital firms, banks, university tech transfer offices and other services providers together with universities and federal laboratories to establish the necessary statewide infrastructure to effectively and efficiently transition early stage research into commercial products.